About Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can occur suddenly as a result of trauma or viral infection, or it may happen very gradually due to aging, medication, family history, noise exposure or several other reasons. If you experience sudden hearing loss, you should seek medical attention immediately. In the case of a gradual hearing loss, it is more difficult to detect. You may ask others to repeat themselves frequently, or find you are increasing the volume on the TV or radio. People often comment that they can hear people, but are unable to understand the clarity of speech. It may seem as if people are mumbling or not enunciating their words. These are classic signs of hearing loss, often first noticed by family or friends.

The ability to hear and understand speech is critical to social interactions and quality of life. As Helen Keller, a deaf and blind activist, said: "The loss of other senses separates people from things, whereas hearing loss separates people from people."

Hearing loss impacts all aspects of one's life from family relationships to self-esteem, school performance to job success. Research has also shown that hearing loss can affect health status and memory.

Hearing is susceptible to a wide range of risk factors that can result from recreational and occupational noise exposure, medications such as chemotherapy treatment, systemic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension and kidney disease. There are special devices to prevent hearing loss that include custom ear protection, musician's earplugs and ear monitors, noise cancelling earphones, sleep plugs, and swim molds.

The first step to improving your hearing, is the identification of hearing loss. We take pride in providing full diagnostic evaluations in a non-threatening atmosphere, in order to identify various types and degrees of hearing loss. Following this, you will be provided with information along with a variety of price quotes on various hearing aid styles and options to suit your budget and personal needs. This will begin the journey to improving your hearing. The use of hearing devices is not just an event, but a process that will lead to a healthier quality of life for you and your family/friends.